Greg Delanty Old English Poetry Reading


Location: Hammes Bookstore (next to Eck Center)

“Exchanging Words: Renewing Old English Poetry”

This evening of poetry is based on Greg Delanty and Michael Matto’s recent volume The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation (W.W. Norton, 2011). This volume brings together original Old English poetry (composed ca. 500-1100 C.E.) along with unique verse translations from seventy-four contemporary poets, including Seamus Heaney, Eavon Boland, Edwin Morgan, and Greg Delanty himself.

Greg Delanty, Professor of English, Saint Michael’s College (Vermont), will read verse translations from the volume along with Notre Dame graduate students reading the original Old English poems--a rare opportunity to hear Old English poetry read aloud in public, along with engaging modern versions intended to make this ancient poetry accessible to a wider audience. 

Prof. Delanty is an accomplished poet who has authored several collections of published poems, most recently The Greek Anthology, Book XVII (Caranet Press, Ltd., 2012) and The Blind Stitch (Louisiana State University Press, 2002).

A reception will follow at Notre Dame’s Eck Center.

Sponsored by the Notre Dame Department of English; the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters; the Keough-Noughton Institute for Irish Studies; the Medieval Institute; and the Ph.D. in Literature Program.