Wickham Graduate Seminar (NOTE NEW TIME)


Location: Medieval Institute Seminar Room A (715J Hesburgh Library)

A Flemish Abbot Meets Pope Innocent II, 1141

Prof. Christopher Wickham will conduct a seminar for graduate student medievalists today. He will lead a discussion of the text published in Ernst Mueller, “Der Bericht des Abtes Hariulf von Oudenburg,” in Neues Archiv, 48 (1929), pp. 97-115, available at www.digizeitschriften

Questions for consideration, to be discussed in the class:

1. Is the author, Abbot Hariulf, a “naive monk from the provinces” (p. 100)?

2. What points is he trying to make? Why does he make them like this?

3. Who is his audience?

Seating is limited and available to Notre Dame students BY RESERVATION ONLY. If you are interested in attending, contact Roberta Baranowski NO EARLIER THAN April 18.