Brian Reynolds Lecture-Theology


Location: Geddes Hall Auditorium

“Masterpiece of the Incarnation: The Marian Hermeneutics of Praise in the Patristic and Medieval Periods”

Brian K. Reynolds is Professor of Italian at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei. He graduated in Italian from University College Dublin and went on to carry out his postgraduate studies at Trinity College Dublin. He has been on the faculty of the Department of Italian Language and Culture, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, since 1998, and has also taught at Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and Università degli studi, Bari. Professor Reynolds’ interests include Dante, medieval Italian literature, and Mariology (and their intersections). He has written a number of articles on the Virgin in the Commedia, as well as a major study on Mary, Gateway to Heaven: Marian Doctrine and Devotion in the Patristic and Medieval Periods. He is currently working on the second volume, which will deal with Marian image, imagery and typology, and is also engaged in a project sponsored by the government of Taiwan in which he is exploring the relationship between the courtly lady and the Virgin.

Sponsored by the Notre Dame Department of Theology.