Nadja Germann Lecture


Location: Medieval Institute Seminar Room A (715J Hesburgh Library)

“Saying and Meaning: Al-Farabi on the Nature of Language”

Nadja Germann, Ph.D. (2005) in Philosophy, University of Tübingen, teaches philosophy at the University of Freiburg. In her study, De temporum ratione: Quadrivium und Gotteserkenntnis am Beispiel Abbos von Fleury und Hermanns von Reichenau (Brill, 2006), she examines the scientific interests which found expression in quadrivial sources of the 9th to 11th centuries and argues for a “discovery of nature” prior to the 12th century. Prof. Germann also works in Arabic philosophy, chiefly, metaphysics, epistemology, and the philosophy of language. She has published “Philosophizing without Philosophy? On the Concept of Philosophy in Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy ibn Yaqzan” in Recherches de Théologie et Médiévales Philosophy 75 (2008), pp. 97-127 and “Avicenna and Afterwards” in The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Philosophy (forthcoming).

A short reception will follow the lecture.