Medieval History Seminar (Jonathan Lyon, David Mengel, Lisa Wolverton)


Location: Medieval Institute Reading Room

In conjunction with the publication of Christianity and Culture in the Middle Ages: Essays to Honor John Van Engen (Lisa Wolverton and David Mengel, eds.), a volume that grew out of papers presented at a conference organized by three former students of John Van Engen, the conference organizers will present materials from their current and past projects:

  • Jonathan Lyon (University of Chicago, ND’04), “Contextualizing Violent Lordship: The Case of the Monastic Advocate in Medieval Germany”
  • David Mengel (Xavier, ND’03), “Following the Maltster: Devotion and Urban Space in Medieval Prague”
  • Lisa Wolverton (University of Oregon, ND’97), “Vratislav, Gregory VII, and the ‘Investiture Contest’ in the Czech Lands”

Attendees are invited to join the presenters for a box-lunch meal at the conclusion of the seminar.