(VIRTUAL MEETING) MI Working Group Meeting: Ancient and Medieval Theories of the Image


UPDATE: this meeting will happen by Zoom if it is held. Please contact the working group organizer, Carlos Diego Arenas Pacheco (carenasp@nd.edu), for further information.

Part of the Catholic intellectual tradition is a long thread of reflection about the making of images, particularly religious images. From Biblical and Platonic roots through the great iconoclast controversies and the upheavals of the Reformations to the age of mechanical reproduction, the problematics of the image—and particularly of the religious image—have been articulated across different discourses and in dialogue with artistic production. This working group takes a step back from the current debates and returns to the philosophical and theological sources of late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, combining the perspectives of theologians, philosophers and art historians to gain a fuller understanding of the notion of the image and of images.