Congratulations to our 2024 Graduates!

Author: Medieval Institute

2016 Medieval-Institute-Graduation-Ceremony

Each spring, the Medieval Institute holds a special graduation ceremony for its students, featuring a ritual of academic investiture based on medieval practice and conducted in Latin. This year, the ceremony will take place on Friday, May 17, at 1:30 PM in the chapel of Dillon Hall.

The Baccalaureate with a Minor in Medieval Studies

  • Stella Mancini
  • Audra Pesko

The Baccalaureate with a Supplementary Major in Medieval Studies

  • Shannon Kelly

The Baccalaureate with a Major in Medieval Studies

  • Michael Joseph Bender
  • Bob Siegfried

The Baccalaureate with a Major in Medieval Studies with Honors

  • Paul A. Howard

Graduate Minor in Medieval and/or Byzantine Studies

  • Susan Francino (August 2023 graduate)
  • Achilleas Gantzos (August 2023 graduate)

Magisteriate of Medieval Studies

  • Bruce Chapman McCuskey
  • Kristina Kummerer Nicoll

Doctorate of Philosophy in Medieval Studies

  • Carlos Diego Arenas Pacheco (August 2023 graduate)
  • William Beattie
  • Jeffrey P.A. Berland (Jan. 2024 graduate)
  • Anne Elise Crafton
  • Dov Honick
  • Spencer Thomas Buika Hunt

Following the ceremony, the graduates, together with their friends, family, and colleagues, will enjoy a reception in the Hospitality Room of the South Dining Hall.

The institute congratulates all of these fine scholars on their hard work and achievements and wishes them every success!