Three Faculty Members Awarded Internal Grants for Medieval Scholarship

Author: Brandi Klingerman

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Twenty faculty members from five of the University of Notre Dame's colleges and schools have been awarded grants through the Notre Dame Research Internal Grant Program (IGP). Recipients who applied were awarded Faculty Research Support Regular Grants, Faculty Research Support Initiation Grants, Rapid Response Grants and other internal funding. 

In discussing the awards, Hildegund Muller, associate vice president for research and professor of classics, said, “The Internal Grant Program allows Notre Dame Research to grant funding to projects that are distinctly Notre Dame and support projects that span across the colleges and schools. This year’s recipients showcase the vast contributions our faculty and researchers have to offer the University, the city of South Bend and the greater research community.”

Three of the twenty faculty members received grants in 2018 through the Faculty Research Support Initiation Grant Program for medieval scholarship:

  • Alexander Beihammer, associate professor of history, Heiden College Chair, and Fellow of the Medieval Institute, received a grant for his project, “Medieval Smyrna/Izmir: The transformations of a city and its hinterland from Byzantine to Ottoman times (twelfth-fifteenth centuries).”

  • Brian Krostenko, associate professor of classics, received a grant for his project, “Cataloguing the Medieval Latin manuscripts of Poland.”

  • Tim Machan, professor of English and Fellow of the Medieval Institute, received a grant for his project, “From Vinland to the Americas.”

Notre Dame Research’s IGP seeks to support faculty researchers and programs with the goal of advancing the University’s research enterprise, scholarly output and creative endeavor, and is currently accepting proposals for the Global Gateway Faculty Research Awards. For more information on how to apply, past recipients and more, visit

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Adapted from article originally published by Brandi Klingerman at on Feb. 8.