Prof. Stephen Ogden awarded the Journal of the History of Philosophy 2023 Book Prize

Author: Christopher Enabnit

Stephen Ogden 2

Prof. Stephen Ogden has been awarded the 2023 Book Prize by the Journal of the History of Philosophy for his Averroes on Intellect: From Aristotelian Origins to Aquinas's Critique (Oxford University Press, 2022). The Book Prize is awarded for a volume published in the previous calendar year "which deserves special recognition for its contribution to the history of Western philosophy." Ogden is the Tracey Family Associate Professor of Philosophy, a member of the Faculty Steering Committee for the History of Philosophy Forum, and a faculty fellow of the Medieval Institute.

Read more about the award and Prof. Ogden's book at Daily Nous, where the announcement was first made.

Originally published by Christopher Enabnit at on December 08, 2023. Republished with edits at on February 05, 2024.