Roma nel Rinascimento - Rome in the Renaissance: a new partnership with the Rome Gateway

Author: Costanza Montanari

Roma Nel Rinascimento

The Rome Global Gateway in collaboration with Notre Dame’s Center for Italian Studies has inaugurated a partnership with Roma nel Rinascimento - Rome in the Renaissance, an independent association born in 1984. 

Roma nel Rinascimento promotes study and research activities on Roman culture and society from the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance, that period of time in European history, that goes from the beginning of the fourteenth century to the mid-sixteenth century characterized by an effort to revive and surpass ideas and achievements of classical antiquity. 

The association brings together scholars of different disciplines, including  historians, historians of art and architecture, philologists, paleographers, historians of literature, each inserted in different institutional realities: archives, libraries, schools, universities.

Roma nel Rinascimento is led by their President, Paola Farenga, the vice president Myriam Chiabò and the secretary, Anna Modigliani and it is currently being hosted at the Rome Gateway building which offers its space for the spring 2022 semester.

As part of its curriculum Roma nel Rinascimento organizes cycles of conferences, specialization courses, seminars and workshops, strongly characterized by a multidisciplinary approach. It also issues a specialized journal, in which ND scholars and students will be increasingly involved.

“The collaboration between Rome in the Renaissance and the Gateway aims to take scientific initiatives, to organize cultural events by sharing different experiences and skills,” comments Anna Modigliani.

During the current semester Roma nel Rinascimento is organizing a series of conferences entitled “Roma nel Rinascimento, 2021-2022: abiti, case e cerimonie - Rome in the Renaissance, 2021 - 2022: clothes, houses and ceremonies”, curated by I. Ait, D. Lombardi, A. Modigliani.

As part of the partnership, the Rome Gateway, the Center for Italian Studies and Roma nel Rinascimento will co-organize the conference "Niccolò V: Allegorie di un pontefice - Niccolò V: Allegory of a pontiff” from October 18 to October 20, 2022.

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Originally published by Costanza Montanariat at on March 15, 2022.