Paleography classProfessor David Gura teaches a Latin Paleography class

The Medieval Institute combines interdisciplinary course work, training in the technical skills of medieval studies, and language preparation. At the same time, students develop a scholarly identity within a single discipline. During coursework, students also develop expertise in a period or theme outside of the Middle Ages.

The Medieval Institute offers a doctoral program only. We do not accept candidates for a terminal master’s degree, but we confer the Master of Medieval Studies on students who successfully complete the first two years of requirements toward the Ph.D.

Requirements for the Ph.D.

The program requires 42 hours of course work and takes a minimum of four years, more often five (or more) years, to complete. Students must complete two years of course work in residency. Candidacy exams occur early in the third year before proceeding to the dissertation.

Students are required to take paleography and at least three courses in fields outside of their home discipline.

Candidacy Examinations

Candidacy examinations covering four fields must be completed by the mid-point of the first semester of the third year. One field covers the student's major field. The three remaining fields cover supplementary areas, within and outside the Middle Ages.

Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation proposal must be submitted shortly after Spring Break in the third year. A meeting to discuss the proposal occurs no more than two weeks after its submission.

Questions about our program?

For more detailed information see the most current Graduate Handbook or go our Admissions FAQ. You can also consult the Graduate School's Bulletin of Information. For further questions, email the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor CJ Jones.