Past Mellon Fellows

Since 2001, through the generous response of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to a challenge grant awarded to Notre Dame by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Medieval Institute has offered an A. W. Mellon Junior Faculty Fellowship in Medieval Studies to an outstanding young tenure-track faculty member to do research while in residence for the year at Notre Dame. The intent of this Fellowship is to enable its holders to complete research and writing on a book manuscript in advance of tenure. With pleasure, we list our Mellon Fellows below, their academic affiliations and project titles during their time at Notre Dame, and the publications that arose from their year in residence.



Laura Veneskey, Wake Forest University (Ancient, Medieval, and Byzantine Art), "Earthly Icons: Between Matter & Figuration in Early Byzantine Art"



Image of Lindy Brady Book Cover


Lindy Brady, University of Mississippi (English), "Writing the Welsh Borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England"

Published as Writing the Welsh borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England (Manchester University Press, 2017)



Image of Diehl Book Jacket


Jay Diehl, Long Island University (History), "From Piety to Parchment: Spirituality and the Making of Monastic Literary Cultures, 1050-1150"

Published as "Masters and Schools at St.-Laurent: Rupert of Deutz and the Scholastic Culture of a Liègeois Monastery." Medieval Liège at the Crossroads of Europe: Monastic Society and Culture, 1000-1300. Eds. Steven Vanderputten, Tjamke Snijders, and Jay Diehl. Turnhout, Brepols, 2017. 151-82.


Image of Pascual-Argente Book Jacket


Clara Pascual-Argente, Rhodes College (Spanish Literature), "The Invention of Medieval Antiquity: Memory and Anachronism in the Castilian Roman Antique"

Published as “The Survival of Medieval Antiquity: Fifteenth-Century Transformations of the Roman Antique Tradition in Castile and Beyond.” Early Modern Constructions of Europe: Literature, Culture, History. Eds. Florian Kläger and Gerd Bayer. New York: Routledge, 2016. 71-89.



Normore Book Jacket


Christina Normore, Northwestern University (Art History), "A Feast for the Eyes: Art and Performance in the Late Middle Ages"

Published as A Feast for the Eyes: Art, Performance, and the Late Medieval Banquet (Chicago, 2015)



LaVere Book Jacket


Suzanne LaVere, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne (History), "Out of the Cloister: Scholastic Exegesis of the Song of Songs, 1100-1250"

Published as Out of the Cloister: Scholastic Exegesis of the Song of Songs, 1100-1250  (Brill, 2016)



Stabler Miller Jacket Cover


Tanya Stabler Miller, Purdue University-Calumet (History), "Beguine Communities in Medieval Paris (1250-1472)"

Published as The Beguines of Medieval Paris: Gender, Patronage, and Spiritual Authority (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014)



Bryan Carella, Assumption College (English Literature), "The Ideological Foundations of Insular Law and Its Sources, c. 600-c. 900"



Susan Dudash, Fordham University (French Literature), "Giving Voice to the People: Poetic and Theological Responses to Social Class Conflict in Medieval France, 1270-1422"


Cervone Book Jacket


Cristina Maria Cervone, Villanova University (English Literature), "Love’s Leap: Incarnational Poetics in Late Medieval England"

Published as Poetics of the Incarnation: Middle English Writing and the Leap of Love (University of Pennsylvania, 2013) 



Mecham Book Jacket


June Mecham, University of Nebraska, Omaha (History), "Performative Piety and Female Monastic Devotion in Late Medieval Germany"

Published as Sacred Communities, Shared Devotions: Gender, Material Culture, and Monasticism in Late Medieval Germany (Brepols, 2014; Medieval Women: Texts and Contexts 29, ed. A. Beach, C. Berman, L. Bitel).



Susanne Hafner, University of Texas at Austin (German Literature), "Vergilian Masculinities: Medieval Readings of the Aeneid"


Lester Book Jacket


Anne Lester, University of Colorado (History), "The Convents of Champagne: Female Piety and Social Networks, 1150-1300"

Published as Creating Cistercian Nuns: The Women’s Religious Movement and Its Reform in Thirteenth-Century Champagne (Cornell UP, 2011). Winner, 2012, Best First Book of Feminist Scholarship on the Middle Ages (Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship).



Florin Curta, University of Florida (History), "Merovingian and Carolingian Gift-Giving Practices"

Published as “Merovingian and Carolingian Gift-Giving” in Speculum 81.3 (July 2006), pp 671-699.


McGrady Book Jacket


Deborah L. McGrady, Tulane University (French Literature), "Controlling Readers—the Audience’s Impact on Late Medieval French Literature"

Published as Controlling Readers: Guillaume de Machaut and His Late Medieval Audience (University of Toronto Press, 2006)


Sheppard Jacket


Alice Sheppard, University of Pennsylvania (English), "Making and Unmaking Anglo-Saxons: Reading the Past of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle"

Published as Families of the King: Writing Identity in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (University of Toronto Press, 2004)