The Medieval and Early Modern German Studies Network (MEMGS) is an interdisciplinary community of scholars researching the history, culture, and literature of Central Europe and German speakers globally before 1750. The group is currently approved as an interdisciplinary network of the German Studies Association (GSA), at which it organizes panels and seminars yearly. It seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange between historians, literary scholars, art historians, musicologists, and other fields of research on premodern Central Europe and its global connections. MEMGS grew out of the efforts of YMAGINA (Young Medievalist Germanists in North America), founded in 2000 to support the continued study of medieval German culture in the United States. Expanding to the early modern period, MEMGS continues YMAGINA's mission to provide networking opportunities at the GSA for graduate students and junior scholars in the field and to advocate for the importance of premodern studies within our disciplines.


The current network coordinators are:

MEMGS maintains an interdisciplinary listserv for conferences, calls for papers, and publication announcements in the fields of Central European and Global German Studies pre-1750. To be added to the listserv, contact Sara S. Poor, Princeton University ( or CJ Jones, University of Notre Dame ( 

This site is currently managed by CJ Jones at the University of Notre Dame.

Resources and Events

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