Guidelines for Working Groups

The Core Fellows of each Working Group will take primary responsibility for organizing its events. Here are the administrative procedures they should follow in doing so.

Beginning of the Year

Please send the title and a brief description of your working group to be posted on the MI web site to Megan J. Hall at The MI will not provide funding to your group until you provide this. 

Publicizing Events

As you schedule your group’s open events, please send any details that you want posted to the MI events feed and calendar to Megan ( If you’ve set up a web site or Facebook page to publicize your group, please include that URL.


The standard rates for honoraria are $250 for a junior scholar and $500 for a senior scholar. Where it makes sense to invite a working-group guest to give a public lecture as well please talk to Tom Burman as far in advance as possible about securing extra honorarium funding. Working groups must make all the arrangements for these lectures, including securing the room, requesting catering, and providing the honorarium for the speaker (for location and catering, go through; for a checklist of planning considerations, see our event guidelines).

Paying for Expenses

Working groups are responsible for tracking and administering their funds independently. Expenditures should be made using FOAPALS whenever possible (please obtain the FOAPAL from the MI admin); if a FOAPAL cannot be used, a TravelCard or personal credit card should be (expense reports should be submitted through TravelND with Tom Burman listed as approver).

Organizing Meetings and Speaker Visits

  • Lecture/Meeting locations: You are welcome to contact the Medieval Institute's admin at to inquire about the availability of our seminar rooms for your meetings. You can also book space anywhere else on campus that suits your needs (VenueND is helpful for lectures and larger events; for smaller meetings, simply search "Rooms" when creating the event on your ND Google Calendar)
  • Visas and honoraria: VERY IMPORTANT: Before bringing speakers to campus, ascertain their citizenship. If they are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, you will need to ensure that they have obtained any necessary visas and completed all required paperwork for receiving honoraria. The MI can only process an honorarium request after it has received this paperwork from the working group organizer(s). The Office of General Counsel provides guidance on their website as well as their contact number for questions.
  • Travel: When bringing speakers to campus, please book all travel with Anthony Travel and bill the FOAPAL.
  • Lodging: please use the Morris or a near-campus hotel (e.g., Ivy Court, Fairfield Inn, St. Mary’s) that can use a FOAPAL or bill the MI directly. For long-term visitors, you can apply for on-campus faculty housing (please note the early deadlines require advanced planning, but you can always contact them after the deadline has passed to see if they still have vacancies).
  • Expenses: All speaker incidentals must be submitted for reimbursement via expense report accompanied by receipts (consult with the MI admin and the TravelND website should you need help).

End-of-Year Report

At the end of each academic year (by graduation), each group should submit to Tom Burman ( a brief, two-part report: 1) in about a paragraph, describe what the working group engaged in over the past year and 2) provide a budget summary detailing how you used your funds and what balance, if any, is left. For each expenditure, please provide the date, amount, recipient of the payment, purpose, and source of payment (e.g., FOAPAL, travel card, personal card).