Almost every year since the Medieval Institute’s founding in 1946, we have graduated at least one student with a Ph.D. in medieval studies. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Medieval Institute's program, our graduates are equipped for academic jobs in a wide range of areas and are active in distinguished positions throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, both in and out of the Academy. 

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Jake Coen, Ph.D. 2021, "Tyrannus Rex: Tyranny, History, and Carolingian Propaganda" (Advisor: John Van Engen)

Julia ZhaoPh.D. 2020, "'They Compel with Baptism as with a Monkish Vow': Baptism and the Monastic Vow in Medieval Monastic and Early Anabaptist Writing" (Advisor: John Van Engen)

Anna Huiberdina Hilda de Bakker, Ph.D. 2020, "Writing the Cistercian Office in the Thirteenth Century Low Countries" (Advisor: Margot Fassler) 

Maj-Britt Kristina Frenze, Ph.D. 2020, "Nature and the Supernatural in Medieval Romance: Translation and Transmission in England and Scandinavia" (Advisor: Chris Abram) 

Daniel Matías Contreras Ríos, Ph.D. 2020, "Primum cognitum: Bonaventure and Aquinas on the Foundations of Knowledge" (Advisor: Stephen Dumont) 

Rebecca Marie West, Ph.D. 2020, "The Idea of Anglo-Scandinavian England: “Vikings” in Medieval English Memory" (Advisor: Tim Machan) 


Benjamin Wright, Ph.D. 2019, "Publishing The Imitation of Christ: The Distribution Circles of a Fifteenth-Century Bestseller" (Advisor: Daniel Hobbins) 

Nicolas Daniel Kamas, Ph.D. 2019, "Humbert of Silva Candida and the Byzantine Rite" (Advisors: Yury Avvakumov and Brian Daley) 


Erik Zachary Dowden Ellis, Ph.D. 2019, "The Language of Order: Latin, Greek, and Roman in the Byzantine Book of Ceremonies" (Advisor: Hildegund Müller)


Cait Stevenson, Ph.D. 2019, "Lay Reading, Writing, and Religious Authority in Fifteenth-Century Germany" (Advisor: John van Engen)


Charles C. Yost, Ph.D. 2019, "The Thought and Ministry of a ‘Unionist Priest’ (ἑνωτικὸς ἱερεύς): John Plousiadenos (†1500), the Council of Florence, and the Tradition of Byzantine Unionism" (Advisor: Yury Avvakumov)


Brandon LeVon Cook, Ph.D. 2018, "Parisian Scholastics on the Gregorian Dictum: Change and Continuity in the Latin Discourse on Images from St. Gregory to St. Bonaventure" (Advisor: Michael Schreffler)


Filippo Gianferrari, Ph.D. 2018, "Dante and Thirteenth-Century Latin Education: Reading the Auctores Minores" (Advisor: Zygmunt Baranski)


Christopher Robert John Scheirer, Ph.D. 2018, "Written in Stone: The Roman Epigraphic Tradition and Anglo-Saxon Literature" (Advisor: Chris Abram)


Megan Welton, Ph.D. 2018, "Multiplex Virtus: Queens, Ruling Women, and the Discourse of Political Virtue in the Tenth Century" (Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble)


Anna Siebach-Larsen, Ph.D. 2017, "‘For in the boke of God is no such matter’: Visual Epistemologies and Vernacular Reading Culture in Thirteenth-Century England” (Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton)


Brian Long, Ph.D. 2016, "Towards the Cultural History of the Twelfth-Century Translation Movement” (Advisor: John van Engen)


Amanda Weppler, Ph.D. 2016, “Dante's Statius: Transforming Poetry” (Advisor: Zygmunt Baranski)


Katie Bugyis, Ph.D. 2015, "Ministers of Christ: Women Religious in Early and High Medieval England” (Advisors: Margot Fassler and Kathryn Kerby-Fulton)


Hailey LaVoy, Ph.D. 2015, “'Why Have You Been Silent for So Long? Women and Letter Writing in the Early Middle Ages, 700-900" (Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble)


Anik Stanbury, Ph.D. 2014, "Aristotelian Influences in Neoplatonic Metaphysics: Aristotle, Plotinus, and the Commentaries of Alexander of Aphrodisias” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


Lauren Whitnah, Ph.D. 2014, “Patrons of That Place: The Cults of Anglo-Saxon Saints in Twelfth-Century Northumbria” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Erik Estrada, Ph.D. 2014, “Paul’s Divided Patrimony: How Early Christian Commentators on Galations Shaped the Reformation Debate Over Justification by Faith Alone” (Advisor: Randall Zachman)


Ben Reinhard, Ph.D. 2014, “The Bishop and His Books: Archbishop Wulfstan, Society, and the Written Word” (Advisors: Christopher Abram and Thomas N. Hall)


Joshua Robinson, Ph.D. 2014, "Nicholas of Methone’s Refutation of Proclus: Theology and Neoplatonism in 12th-Century Byzantium" (Advisors: Stephen Gersh and Brian Daley)


Garrett Smith, Ph.D. 2014, “The Problem of Divine Attributes from Thomas Aquinas to Duns Scotus” (Advisor: Stephen D. Dumont)


Stephen Metzger, Ph.D. 2013, “Gerard of Abbeville, Secular Master, on Wisdom, Knowledge, and Contemplation” (Advisor: Kent Emery, Jr.)


Hannah Matis, Ph.D. 2013, “Daughters of Jerusalem: Early Medieval Commentary on the Song of Songs and the Carolingian Reform” (Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble)


Nathan Ristuccia, Ph.D. 2013, “The Transmission of Christendom: Ritual and Instruction in the Early Middle Ages” (Advisor: Thomas F. X. Noble)


Daniel Perett, Ph.D. 2012, “Calculated Insults: The Rhetorical Use of Invective by Latin Authors of the Imperial Age and Late Antiquity” (Advisor: Hildegund Müller)


Nicole Eddy, Ph.D. 2012, “Marginal Annotation in Medieval Romance Manuscripts: Understanding the Contemporary Reception of the Genre” (Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton)


Theresa O’Byrne, Ph.D. 2012, “Dublin’s Hoccleve: James Yonge, Scribe, Author, and Bureaucrat and the Literary World of Medieval Dublin” (Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton)


Andrew Irving, Ph.D. 2012, “The Eleventh-Century Gospel Books of Montecassino: An Archaeology” (Advisor: Daniel Sheerin)


Lesley-Anne Dyer, Ph.D. 2012, “Translating Eternity in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


John Young, Ph.D. 2011, “Business Partners, Privileged Neighbors, and Sworn Enemies: Jews and the Monasteries of Germany, 1100-1300” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Courtney Luckhardt, Ph.D. 2011, “Connecting Saints: Travel and Hagiography in the Northwestern Atlantic, 500-800” (Advisor: Thomas F.X. Noble)


Julia Schneider, Ph.D. 2011, “Liturgy and Theology in De mysterio missae, a Thirteenth-Century Commentary on the Liturgy Attributed to Albertus Magnus” (Advisors: Thomas Prügl and Calvin Bower)


Phillip Wynn, Ph.D. 2011, “Justification and Repentance: War and Military Service in Early Western Christian Thought, 200-850” (Advisor: Thomas F.X. Noble)


Jonathan Juilfs, Ph.D. 2011, “Redefining Continental Influences on Late Medieval English Literature: The Impact of Women’s Religious Literature on Julian of Norwich and the Text of A Revelation of Love” (Advisor: Kathryn Kerby-Fulton)


John Hall, Ph.D. 2010, “The Via Sursum According to Magister Martinus: Critical Edition with Commentary on the Final Section of Martinus’ Compilatio (Thomas Prügl and John Van Engen)


Eric Shuler, Ph.D. 2010, “Almsgiving and the Formation of Christian Societies, 700-1025 A.D.” (Advisor: Thomas F.X. Noble)


Andrew Rosato, Ph.D. 2010, “The Redemptive Work of Christ in the Thought of John Duns Scotus” (Advisors: Joseph Wawrykow, Stephen Dumont)




Marcela Kličova Perett, Ph.D. 2009, “Battle for the Public Mind: John Hus and the Hussite Movement” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Patrick Gardner, Ph.D. 2009, “Dante and the Suffering Soul” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


James Kriesel, Ph.D. 2008, “‘Favole, parabole, o istorie’: The Genealogy of Boccaccio’s Theory of Allegory” (Advisors: Christian Moevs and W. Martin Bloomer)


Jonathan Davis-Secord, Ph.D. 2008, “Theodcwidas: Compound Words, Language, and Social Context in Early English Literature” (Advisors: Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe and Michael Lapidge)


Christina di Gangi, Ph.D. 2006, “Lydgate’s Mesure: The Echecs Amoureux Tradition and the Theme of the Fall of Princes” (Advisor: Maura Nolan)


Miranda Wilcox, Ph.D. 2006, “Vernacular Biblical Epics and the Production of Anglo-Saxon Cultural Exegesis” (Advisors: Michael Lapidge and Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe)


Simone Brosig, Ph.D. 2006, “‘In the Secret of the Trinity’: Eucharistic Devotion in the Thirteenth-Century Southern Low Countries” (Advisor: Joseph Wawrykow)


Leslie Lockett, Ph.D. 2004, “Corporeality in the Psychology of the Anglo-Saxons” (Advisors: Michael Lapidge and Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe)


Bonnie Mak, Ph.D. 2004, “(Re)Defining the Page for a Digital World” (Advisors: Kathleen Biddick and Calvin Bower)


David Charles Mengel, Ph.D. 2004, “Bones, Stones, and Brothels: Religion and Topography in Prague under Emperor Charles IV (1346-78)” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Rebecca L. Stephenson, Ph.D. 2004, “Deliberate Obfuscation: The Purpose of Hard Words and Difficult Syntax in the Literature of Anglo-Saxon England” (Advisor: Michael Lapidge)


Robin J.E. Vose, Ph.D. 2004, “Converting the Faithful: Dominican Mission in the Medieval Crown of Aragon” (Advisor: Olivia Remie Constable)


Daniel Bruce Hobbins, Ph.D. 2002, “Beyond the Schools: New Writings and the Social Imagination of Jean Gerson” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Catherine Mary Kavanagh, Ph.D. 2002, “The Place of the Linguistic Artes in Eriugena’s Theological Method” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


James D. Mixson, Ph.D. 2002, “Professed Proprietors: Religion, Property and the Origins of the Observant Movement” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


John M. Kerr, Ph.D. 2001, “Proserpinan Memory in Dante and Chaucer” (Advisors: Theodore Cachey and Christian Moevs)


Rachel Marie Koopmans, Ph.D. 2001, “Dispute, Control and the Individual Voice: The Making of Miracles at Christ Church, Canterbury, 1080-1220” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Lisa Boyett Luongo, Ph.D. 2001, “The Sins of Our Own Offspring: Metaphysics and Moral Discourse in Bonaventure’s Collations on the Hexaemeron” (Advisor: Mark Jordan)


Martin J. Tracey, Ph.D. 2000, “The Character of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Teaching in Albert the Great’s Super ethica commentum et quaestiones (1250-1252)” (Advisor: Mark Jordan)


Michael Machias Waddell, Ph.D. 2000, “Truth Beloved: Thomas Aquinas and the Relational Transcendentals” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)




Lezlie S. Knox, Ph.D. 1999, “The True Daughters of Francis and Clare: The Formation of the Order of Saint Clare in Late Medieval Italy” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Timothy L. Smith, Ph.D. 1999, “Thomas Aquinas’ Trinitarian Theology: A Study in Theological Method” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Joel Irving Barstad, Ph.D. 1998, “Body, Soul, and Image: Gregory of Nyssa’s Influence on Eriugena” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


Theresa Helen Farnan, Ph.D. 1998, “Virtue and Kingship in Thomas Aquinas’s De regno” (Advisor: Mark Jordan)


Francis Thomas Luongo, Ph.D. 1998, “The Politics of Marginality: Catherine of Siena in the War of Eight Saints (1374-1378)” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Randall B. Smith, Ph.D. 1998, “How the Old Law Shows Forth the Precepts of the Natural Law: A Commentary on Certain Questions Concerning the Law in the Summa of Theology of Thomas Aquinas” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Mark Daniel Holtz, Ph.D. 1997, “Cults of the Precious Blood in the Medieval Latin West” (Advisor: Joseph Wawrykow)


Lisa Ann Wolverton, Ph.D. 1997, “In manu sancti wenceslai: Power in the Czech Lands, 1004-1198” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


Nicole Guenther Discenza, Ph.D. 1996, “Alfred’s Cræft of Translation: The Old English Boethius” (Advisor: Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe)


Christopher Robert Kaczor, Ph.D. 1996, “Thomas Aquinas and Proportionalism: An Evaluation of Their Compatibility” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Mark Damien Delp, Ph.D. 1995,“De sex rerum principiis: A Translation and Study of Twelfth-Century Cosmology” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


Brendan R. Kelly, Ph.D. 1995, “On the Nature of the Human Intellect in Aristotle’s De anima: An Investigation into the Controversy Surrounding Thomas Aquinas’ De unitate intellectus contra Averroistas” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Fabian Christian Lochner, Ph.D. 1995, “Dietger (Theogerus) of Metz and His Music” (Advisor: Calvin Bower)


John William Houghton, Ph.D. 1994, “Bede’s Exegetical Theology: Ideas of the Church in the Acts Commentaries of St. Bede the Venerable” (Advisor: John Cavadini)


Brian Thomas Kelly, Ph.D. 1994, “Aquinas on Gravitational Motion” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Thérèse Marie Bonin, Ph.D. 1993, “The Origin of Diversity in Albertus Magnus’ De causis et processu universitatis a prima causa” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


Mark John Christensen, Ph.D. 1993, “A Study of the Mass in the Diocese of Slesvig in the Late Medieval Period” (Advisor: Daniel Sheerin)


Patricia Ann Quattrin, Ph.D. 1993, “Words and Works in The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman” (Advisor: Edward Vasta)


Michael Scott Woodward, Ph.D. 1992, “Nicholas of Lyra on Beatific Vision” (Advisor: John Van Engen)


John Raymond Fortin, Ph.D. 1991, “Clarembald of Arras as a Boethian Commentator” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)




Robert Dale Anderson, Ph.D. 1989, “Medieval Speculative Grammar: A Study of the modistae” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Kevin Dean Kolbeck, Ph.D. 1989, “The prima via: Natural Philosophy’s Approach to God” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Mary Frances Sparrow, Ph.D. 1989, “The praeambula fidei according to St. Thomas Aquinas” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Gregory L. Froelich, Ph.D. 1988, “Thomas Aquinas on Friendship and the Political Common Good” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Thomas Stewart Hibbs, Ph.D. 1987, “The Pedagogy of Law and Virtue in the Summa Theologiae” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Robert George Kennedy, Ph.D. 1985, “Thomas Aquinas and the Literal Sense of Sacred Scripture” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Patricia Ann Guinan, Ph.D. 1985, “Carthusian Prayer and Hugh of Balma’s Viae Sion lugent” (Advisor: Ralph McInerny)


Marina Bridget Smyth, Ph.D. 1984, “Understanding the Universe in Seventh-Century Ireland” (Advisor: Stephen Gersh)


Catherine A. Brown Tkacz, Ph.D. 1983, “The Topos of the Tormentor Tormented in Selected Works of Old English Hagiography” (Advisor: Edward A. Kline)


Louis Edward Jordan III, Ph.D. 1980, “The Iconography of Death in Western Medieval Art to 1350” (Advisor: Bernard McGinn)




Theodore James Antry, Ph.D. 1979, “A Critical Edition of the Practica medicinalis of Thomas of Breslau, Premontré Bishop of Sarepta (1297-c. 1378)” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


John Barry Weber, Ph.D. 1975, “The Register of the Beadle (Receipts and Expenses) of the Faculty of Theology of Paris from 1449-1465 (Editing of Text of Paris, Bibl. Nat. MS 5657-C, folio 1r-94v)” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


David Melbourne Traboulay, Ph.D. 1970, “An Institutional and Intellectual History of the Universities of Mexico and San Marcos, Peru (1553-1800): Influences of the Mediaeval University Tradition in Europe” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


David Sanderlin, Ph.D. 1969, “The College of Autun: a Student-Community at the Late-Medieval University of Paris (1341-1518)” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


F. Kenneth Jensen, Ph.D. 1969, “A History and Cartulary of the College of Presles at the Medieval University of Paris” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


Leslie S. Domonkos, Ph.D. 1966, “A History of Three Early Hungarian Universities: Obuda, Pozsony, and Buda” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


Robert James Schneider, Ph.D. 1965, “The De morali principis institutione of Vincent of Beauvais: Introduction and Critical Edition” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


John Chrysostom Murphy, O.F.M., Ph.D. 1965, “A History of the Franciscan Studium Generale at the University of Paris in the Fifteenth Century” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


Peter Anthony Ford, Ph.D. 1964, “The College of Burgundy at the Mediaeval University of Paris: History, Topography, and Chartulary” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


William George Storey, Ph.D. 1959, “The De quatuor virtutibus cardinalibus pro eruditione principum of Michael the Carthusian of Prague: A Critical Text and Study” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


James Joseph John, Ph.D. 1959, “The Canons of Prémontré and the Mediaeval Universities of Northeast Germany” (Advisor: Astrik L. Gabriel)


Bernard Gendreau, Ph.D. 1952, “The Quest for Certainty in the Middle Ages” (Advisor: Gerald B. Phelan)