Director and Staff

Medieval Institute

Thomas Burman

Thomas E. Burman
Robert M. Conway Director of the Medieval Institute
Professor of History
(574) 631-6603
Twitter @bobqur




Tim Machan

Tim Machan
Robert M. Conway Acting Director of the Medieval Institute
Professor of English
(574) 631-6603




Megan J. Hall

Megan J. Hall, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
(574) 631-8304





CJ Jones Photo

CJ (Claire Taylor) Jones
Director of Graduate Studies
William Payden Associate Professor of German
(574) 631-3795





MI Arches

Christopher Liebtag Miller
Assistant Teaching Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies and Engagement
(574) 631-6081





Thomson Guster

Thomson Guster
Administrative Coordinator
(574) 631-6603





The Medieval Studies Research Blog: Meet us at the Crossroads of Everything

The Medieval Studies Research Blog is a multi-author blog site sponsored by the Medieval Institute. The blog is maintained and promoted by a blog manager and regular contributors who are current or former Notre Dame graduate students working in some area of medieval studies. Guest posts come from current and former members, as well as friends, of Notre Dame’s vibrant international medievalist community.

The work of the blog contributors has been temporarily furloughed as part of the University of Notre Dame's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Please direct inquiries to


Richard Fahey Headshot 2019

Richard Fahey





Cait Stevenson

Cait Stevenson





Arches 150x200

Romain Thurin






Julia Schneider

Julia Schneider, Ph.D.
Medieval Studies Librarian
(574) 631-5724





David Gura

David T. Gura, Ph.D.
Curator, European Manuscripts, Early Imprints, and the History of the Book; Classical and Byzantine Studies Librarian
(574) 631-6489