Anne Elise Crafton

Anne Elise Crafton


University of Arkansas, BA in English and in History, 2018

Year of Matriculation



Areas of Interest

Early Medieval North Sea Literature and Language; Gender and Gendered Language; Obscenities


I specialize in the literature and language of the early medieval North Sea cultural sphere. In particular, I am interested in gender and how language in formative literature has been used to describe or emulate specific gendered qualities. As such, I have the immense pleasure of examining gendered obscenities and insults. I also study the language used by early medieval male authors to emulate female speakers and writers.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Conference Presentation: "Talking with Dragons; How Dragons Reveal the Hero's Heart," Mercy College Annual History Conference, 2018
  • Publication: "Talking with Dragons; How Dragons Reveal the Hero's Heart" in Ozark Historical Review 46 (2018), 1-42.
  • Conference Presentation: "Full of Rebaldrie, Scaldit in Scurrilittie; Forbidden Topics and Gendered Language in the Freeing Verse of Flytings,” English Graduate Student Association's Spring Symposium, University of Notre Dame, 2020.