Anne Elise Crafton

Anne Elise Crafton


Bachelor of Arts | History and English | University of Arkansas, 2018; Masters | Medieval Studies | University of Notre Dame, 2021

Year of Matriculation



Areas of Interest

Language Attitudes, Gender, Taboo Speech, History of Gender and Gender Performance


I study the relationship of gender, language, and speech in medieval English, Norse, and Scots literature. I am interested in literary representation of gendered speech and speech acts, literary moments where illicit speech becomes licit, the impacts of gendered obscenities, and the ways in which literary dialogue enables play with gender through cross-gender ventriloquism.

My dissertation, "You Sound Like a Wif: The Representation of Women's Speech in Old English Literature," studies women's speech in the extant vernacular texts to determine whether (1) anti-feminist rhetoric on the evils of women's speech exists in pre-Conquest England, (2) early English authors saw gender performance and speech as connected, and (3) there are any gender-based patterns in the representation of speech.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Adjunct Lecturer of English at Indiana University, South Bend: "The History of the English Language," 2023
  • Conference Presentation: “Finding Women’s Voices in Medieval Materials,” The Once and Future English Conference, 2022
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award by the Notre Dame Kaneb Center for Teaching Excellence, 2021
  • Publication: "Talking with Dragons; How Dragons Reveal the Hero's Heart" in Ozark Historical Review 46 (2018), 1-42