Dov Honick

Dov Honick


M.M.S., Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame (2019); BA in History and English, Minor in Classical Languages, cum laude, Yeshiva University (2014)

Year of Matriculation



Areas of Interest

Medieval Historiography, Mythology, Popular Belief and Folk Culture, Midrash and Rabbinic Literature


Dov is a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Medieval Institute focusing on Jewish-Christian cultural exchange in Western Europe during the High Medieval period. Dov’s work focuses primarily on the Christian Hebraist movement of the 12th and 13th centuries, with particular attention to the ways in which Rabbinic literature is borrowed, translated, and reconstrued by Christian exegetes looking to explain the Bible in literal-historical terms. In addition to his work on biblical exegesis, Dov analyzes the cultural and textual interplay between Hebrew Midrash and Christian allegory that is found in literary works such as Chrétien de Troyes’s Arthurian romances, the anonymous Vulgate and Post Vulgate Cycles, and the Hebrew Arthurian romance, Melech Artus.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • Conference Paper: "Contested Histories: Competing Narratives of the Rhineland massacres in Jewish and Christian Sources," German Jewish Studies Workshop, University of Notre Dame, February 2019
  • Instructor of Record, "Tolkien from Page to Screen: Medievalism in Modern Media" (Fall 2019); TA, "World of the Middle Ages" (Spring 2019) and "Saints and the Theology of Warfare" (Fall 2018)
  • Travel Research Grant, Nanovic Institute for European Studies, Spring 2020
  • Duffy Fellowship, 2019-2020 University
  • Presidential Fellowship, 2017-2023