Hannah VanSyckel

Hannah VanSyckel


Master of Early Christian Studies, University of Notre Dame; Master of Philosophy in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, University of Oxford; Bachelor of Arts in Classics, University of South Carolina

Year of Matriculation




Areas of Interest

Early medieval language contact and exchange; Neoplatonism; East-West relations; Islam


Hannah works on the intersection of culture and language, both within a society and between societies. As a Latinist, she focuses on how Latin texts accommodate the ideas and linguistic expressions of other languages in the Early Medieval Period. She is especially interested in theological development resulting from cross-cultural and cross-linguistic contact.

Recent Scholarly Activity

  • University Presidential Fellowship
  • Presentation: “Crispina, mulier et martyr," Society for Biblical Literature National Conference, 2019
  • Instructor, Intermediate Latin Intensive Course, University of Notre Dame, Summer 2019
  • Instructor, Beginning Latin II, University of Notre Dame, Fall 2019
  • Research Assistant for Professor Brian Krostenko, 2018–20