Spencer T. B. Hunt

Spencer T. B.  Hunt


M.M.S., University of Notre Dame (2019); M.A. in History, Western Michigan University (2016); Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Classics with distinction, UCLA (2013); B.A. in History with honors, Pitzer College (2012)

Year of Matriculation




Areas of Interest

Medieval Mediterranean, Iberian Peninsula and North Africa, Interreligious Relations, and Apostasy


My research interests include interreligious relations throughout the medieval Mediterranean with special focus on Christian-Muslim interactions in Medieval Spain.

My dissertation—with the working title "Wayward Sons, Traitorous Brothers: Views on Apostasy in the Religious and Legal Writings of Medieval Spain and North Africa"—is a comparative examination of normative views of apostasy in Christian Kingdoms of Northern Spain and the Islamic polities of Granada and Western North Africa.

Recent Scholarly Activity

Conference Papers

  • "Polemics as Intrareligious Discourse: Reading Ramon Martí’s anti-Islamic Polemics as Christian Apologetics," presented at Midwest Medieval History Conference, September 2019
  • "The Polemical Heritage of Pseudo Pedro Pascual's Sobre la seta mahometana,” presented at the LAMS IV Symposium, Pomona College, February 2019

Teaching Experience

  • T.A.—Transforming the Roman World, University of Notre Dame, Fall 2019
  • T.A.—The Crusades, University of Notre Dame, Spring 2019
  • T.A.—The Medieval World, University of Notre Dame, Spring 2018